St. Andrews College Projects

The Clapham Jubilee Dining Hall

Completed in 2011, and designed by Thembela Architects. This project had a duration of 12 months.

The Clapham Jubilee Dining Hall is a space where the College boys come together. Prior to the building of this dining hall, different houses ate in separate dining halls. With the opening of the Clapham Jubilee Hall in 2013 brought all the boys together under one roof.


The Design and Technology Centre

Competed in 1992, and designed by Linsley Architects.  The duration of this project was 12 months.

The Design and Technology Centre is widely recognised as one of the finest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Refurbishment of the Science Block

Completed in 2016, the refurbishment was designed by Thembela Architects.

An upgrade of the old 1960s Science and Biology laboratories and classrooms into modern facilities, as well as an IT Centre and stepped lecture theatre.